Sunday, 6 April 2014

Yet another Sunday at Dad's

Cobbling together my Virtue Ethics essay. Honestly, I don't have much to say about it and it's tortuous churning out so much information about a topic I don't fully understand.

This is my mint green Disney tea set from Franc Franc and Jem gave it to me like two Christmases past. It's gorgeous, isn't it? I love drinking my tea from it. It's one of three tea sets I have stashed at my dad's house. Hehe.

You know what else is tortuous?

Seeing people travelling all over on my social media news feeds when I can't. I really want to go to Hong Kong for reasons even I don't fully understand (apparently I have relatives there, it seems to have seriously good shopping, good food and I want an excuse to speak Cantonese again danggit) but I can only go at like the end of the year or something because no travel buddies and also no time with school stuff and shit *mumbles darkly* and also apparently it can get really cold there in winter, which I am looking forward to. I LOVE COLD WEATHER. Bring on the sleet and the rains and the frozen fingers and toes you haven't felt in the last hour until you're starting to get a bit worried. And the pale complexion and never sweating and feeling like your lungs are ice. And miserable temperatures that penetrate every layer of clothing. I WANT IT ALL.

I want to eat authentic dim sum even though I'm allergic to most seafood. Cheung fun and lo mai kai and lo bok gau and so many more! Especially char siew sou. If you have never had char siew sou before, you are a sad person and should find yourself a shallow grave.

Wtf look at me typing so much nonsense here but I have less than a thousand words to say on Virtue Ethics. Okay, off to kill my brain cells a little (A LOT) more by reading more scholarly articles in a feeble attempt to understand the topic and its relevance. Hell I don't know if I'm even using the right concept.

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