Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Two days, two appointments

On Monday I had my neurology appointment, and Tuesday was K's! We went to hang after the appointments for awhile, and I have to say it was really nice. We haven't gotten to spend time together on weekdays since like... Christmas time?

On Monday, we headed to Stranger's Reunion for tea, because it's nearby SGH which was where my appointment was. I must say, their concept is very interesting. I had scrambled eggs on toast. For the bread, I chose English Muffins because they ran out of Ciabatta. My meal! The eggs were really fluffy and I liked the tomato thingy. Muffins, however... Not that great.

Baby had... Eggs and Bacon on Foccacia? He liked it a lot but two pieces of Foccacia were way too much for him.

I love the presentation of their tea! The ashtray-like object is apparently for the strainer. And the tealight really keeps the tea warm, which is fantabulous. I must say that I am sick of my tea getting cold after like fifteen minutes.

On Tuesday. This was taken while waiting for his MC at NUH!

We had Xin Wang at Holland V for lunch. It was nearby yet again, hahaha.

My handsome baby :B


Anyway, both our appointments went fine. I just have a follow up MRI in September, which should be great fun -.-

Oh yeah, here are my pics for #100happydays ...A bit fail because after posting all that spiel on my blog (see post below), I almost forgot to post Day 1. And both days are about being happy because of my hubby. Hahahaha! I think it's supposed to be a different thing every day, I don't know. But he really makes me happy...

LOOK AT MY DERP FACE AT THE BOTTOM HAHAHAH. I look like some sort of cabbage head. I just took off my glasses for the photo and I didn't look at the camera in time, ok? OK?

Ya lah it's the same photos as above. Cannot is it? I'm trying to be a camera whore and have like 1,000 photos to choose from every day but it's really hard, guys! :-( It's never been easy to keep taking pictures because I just don't have the habit of being snap-happy. But I'm trying to make a bigger effort to document my life, because I realize that my brain has blocked out entire periods and I have no idea what I looked like during some parts of my life. Or what I was into. Or up to.


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