Friday, 18 April 2014

There's no place like home

I'm so happy, because I get to go to my dad's for Good Friday and stay the night until Saturday morning! Anyway, here's a deluge of pictures from my eve of PH and today.

Yesterday it was Hafeez's birthday! Being the super innovative sis-in-law that I am, I got him... An angpao. I know, how creative, right? I wrote a message, though. I hope he can read my messy cursive. Happy 16th birthday, Hafeez!

All of us piled into le dad-in-law's car and went to their house to celebrate. He got a very cool cheesecake as a birthday cake. It was super yummy too! Yes, they are all fans of Man U there.

Happy boy cutting the cake.

This morning. First thing I always do at Dad's: have tea. This is my Pavilion You & Me tea set I got from Amazon. It arrived the same time as Jem's, and I haven't used it until now!

You know what else arrived from Amazon? My set of 4 Gracie China tea cups! The pattern is called 'Rose Chintz' and they're so pretty it makes me want to cry! It's supposed to be matching with my Gracie China Rose Chintz teapot, a few posts back. They all arrived intact with nary a chip or crack. Perfection!

My (laughable) attempt at artful arrangement.

Another thing I do at Dad's: practice my calligraphy. I love this! I kind of invented this font style, okay, I think it exists, but I drew it freehand without any reference.

I also tried copying Uncial font. For some godforsaken reason, I feel that Uncial font is linked to something to do with Lord of the Rings. But when I went to google Lord of the Rings images to do a font comparison, I couldn't find Uncial anywhere! Am I just imagining things? Even GK, the expert on all things LOTR, had just one thing to say when he first saw this: "Did you copy that off a poster?" I told him I didn't and he said, "Are you sure? Because that looks like the original font." Does anyone know if this is affiliated?

Now, Nandini and I are at Costa Coffee Valley Point (I fucking miss Starbucks VP, by the way.) and she's doing her dissertation, as you can see by that scholarly pose she's striking, and I'm playing SIMS. As you can see by my screen. Muahahaha! It's so great to have finished my assignments!

...I have finished, haven't I? *paranoidparrot.jpg

Anyway, backdated photo of when I met up with Ianny for dinner this week. The reason why his face is like that is because... he likes to do weird poses. Yes, that must be it.

Off to play more Sims. Have a good long weekend! (Friday's almost over. Friday, you went by so quickly. Boo, you whore.)

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