Thursday, 10 April 2014

Tea VS Coffee

I once hung out with a friend (I can't remember who now) and I ordered tea, and when I started making it, she watched me for awhile and the conversation took this turn:

Friend: "You tea people, you're all so complicated."
Me: "Oh, but why?"
Friend: "You have dozens of things to mess with. Like, what is all this crap?" *holds up my tea strainer*
Me: "That's my tea strainer. You use it to strain tea leaves."
Friend: "Just so complicated."

Ok, while that might be true, it's not that complicated when you know the function of everything on the table. I'm sure coffee is really complicated too, with your acidity/aroma/body, coffee bean grinders, complicated milk/espresso/foam ratios etc etc. I should know because I was a barista for a few years. And yes, I can still make a mean cuppa.

And then people are always comparing Tea people to Coffee people. Neither of the descriptions are especially savoury, though. Apparently, according to this article, Tea people are all hipster/mellow/grandmother-types and Coffee people are all highly strung, over-caffeinated, ADHD people. I have met those types, of course, but I've also met Tea people who are super hyperactive and super chillaxed Coffee people. Aaand then there are the smoothie people, which is an entirely different ball game.

So..... yeah! Tea really isn't that complex! It's just leaves you put in hot water and you can add almost anything to make it taste/smell better, like flower petals, or sugar, lemon, milk,... But I do admit tea comes with a lot of accessories, like tea caddies (boxes to store your tea leaves/bags), tea cozies (they keep your teapot warm and some come in adorable floral patterns), tea bag rests (self explanatory), etc. But I love all these things because there's a specific purpose for every single thing on the table. And also they come in matching sets and look really pretty.

Um, I haven't drank coffee in years and I don't feel that I miss that ol' kick in the nutsack. But, of course, I hang out with lots of coffee people and the odd ones who swing both ways, which I don't think banishes them to the unfortunate hot chocolate zone, but oh well.

I think the issue we should be focusing on here is not tea or coffee, but who's a liquor person? Hahaha, people are always super proud to volunteer that they are tea or coffee people, but when asked who's a liquor person... No show of hands.

Anyway, I bought a bunch of stuff again! What else is new, right?

I bought these from Amazon:

Gracie China Rose Chintz Porcelain Dessert Plates, Set of 4 - USD28.94

Gracie China Pink Petite Fleur 3-Cup Teapot - USD27.22
(If you saw the Amazon haul post a few days back, I just received my Pink Petite Fleur teacup set and they're adorable, so I decided to get the pot as well. They don't carry the sugar/creamer set, though!)

Progressive Stainless Steel Mesh Tea Ball - USD1.61

Why do I do this to myself? Haha. Anyway, my first experience with Amazon was pretty good, so I decided to go for it again. Hopefully the above pieces arrive all safe and sound and as freaking gorgeous as they are pictured. Also, I want to buy all these!

Gracie China Shabby Rose Teal 4.5 Cup Teapot - USD27.09

Gracie China Vintage Blue Rose Porcelain Set of 4 Teacups - USD41.90

Gracie China Vintage Red Rose Porcelain Set of 4 Teacups - USD41.78

Here's a dorky tea joke to end the post:

Q: How long does it take tea to be shipped from China?
A: Oolong time!

GEDDIT GEDDIT HAHA ...ok I'll stop now.

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