Friday, 4 April 2014

Tea and Essays

I haven't used my tea set from Franc Franc in forever, like almost a year? That's because they always drink chai and that evaporated milk thing stains cups. And I don't want my cups to be stained GDI.

Doing my essay for the Moral Compass on why Michael Palmer's affair and subsequent resignation was wrong. And, honestly, I don't know why people are so riled about it... He's just a man, for God's sake. If statistics show that most men aren't able to stay faithful during the course of a marriage, I don't see why he is supposed to appear to. He may be a politician, but that's his draw, I suppose.

Anyway, gave up on my essay and conflicting moral values and went to meet Nandu for dinner and a catch-up. I brought Baby! Forced him to take photos on the train there. I look like an oddly-shaped ghost and he just looks really handsome. Seriously hope our future kid takes after him in the looks department. The ideal situation would be where it gets K's general bone structure, fantastic eyes, longest and naturally-curling eyelashes and sensuous lips, but my hair thickness gene and fair skin and general hairlessness.

Yeah. So we headed to have Hatched with this cutie! Seriously, I think she looks super cute in this photo. Guys, she is single! Heh heh heh heh heh.

 And then we went to Coffee Club and everywhere in Holland V was seriously crowded because FRIDAY NIGHT. And then she gave us a ride home and now she's somewhere in Raffles Place in an underground club. Seriously? They still have those? I thought they went out of fashion in the eighties. Looks like they're making a comeback.

And now I'm off to play Sims KTHXBYE

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