Thursday, 17 April 2014

Remember us?

Remember when we used to call each other at all hours of the day, and chat for hours? I can't even remember what we talked about. Anything and everything, I suppose. I don't even know right now how we even found so much to talk about.

Remember how we used to bitch about people? We were so proud that we were bitches and it was always fun with you because you had such a candid way of commenting on people that I admired. In a society of ass-kissers, you used your tongue like a scythe, but in a way that was really funny. You didn't care what anyone thought of you, and that was probably your most admirable quality. It came in handy when people, in turn, bitched about us. It was from you that I learned to never let the petty comments of another person knock me down.

Remember Halloween? Trick or treating was so fun, and I've never done it again with anyone else. I probably never will. That's when we got other people into our little group, and knowing you, you'd weed out the most uninteresting members and we were left with a bunch of really fun people.

Remember our slumber parties? How we stayed up for hours, talking again about god-knows-what. Bitching about people again. Making stupid videos in the morning with a lack of sleep, generating lots of sleep-deprived, hilarious (to us) content. Taking tons of pictures. Talking about boys, talking about girls, and being teenagers. I must have slept over at your house a thousand times, and I never got bored.

It's still weird not knowing you, because we practically grew up together. Went through all the phases of adolescent life. Together. I know about all the ways that you tried to reach out to me, but life and circumstances drove us apart. I'm sorry that it was over for us, and I'll miss all that we shared. Take care of yourself, my old friend.

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