Saturday, 5 April 2014

Bruised by a Masseuse

Ni hao!

Went for a neck, shoulder and back tui na massage today and I ended up with actual bruising on my shoulders. I'm not even kidding. It looks like I got hit several times by the business end of a blunt object. I had to wear a collared shirt so that nobody would think my husband beats me. Heh.

Apparently the pain during my massage and the bruising is due to my horrible lymph circulation or something, and I could end up with frozen shoulders in the near future if I don't start taking care of them.

Said husband and my coordinated #ootd in green for his grandma's birthday dinner today! Ok, I tried to take a picture and my arms are too short. His arms are long but his angles are terrible and both our hands are shaky. How, like that? In every couple, don't you need one who's good at taking photos?

HAHAHA SO ACT CUTE I CAN'T EVEN. I couldn't figure out what to do with my hair, so ponytail sua. I have so much hair and it's useless because my mane is totally unmanageable. FML

Today, I also ordered a new pair of spectacles and they'll be ready on Thursday. I'm so happy because my current pair is so horrible, they're black and red and the ear part doesn't seem to grab onto the sides of my head like they should, so they end up sliding down my nose and I hate having to push them up every so often.

Also, the new pair is like a tortoiseshell colour, which I fucking love, because they'll go with everything (I hope!) We'll see. I'll post a picture when I get them! Now, off I go to watch K play Darksiders II and I shall Sim at the same time. Tomorrow I have an essay to submit... Nothing like a little procrastination to get me especially motivated to finish it tomorrow, hahahaha.


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