Sunday, 27 April 2014

My weekend's happy days

On Friday, I met up with Jemaine! Sooooo happy to see her <3 She's wearing a skirt that we bought from the same shop in BKK (I got a pink and white polka-dotted one). Doesn't she look adorable? We went to search for a dress for Noh's and Siti's wedding next Saturday. Didn't find anything we could wear. Pfft.

Well, yesterday. Our trip to Timbre! I look so fat in this photo -.- but my hair is like mad shiny!

Today's my happiest day of all because it's Sunday and I get to come home. I forgot to post a picture of this gorgeous piece that my brother collected for me from the P.O. I got the teacups and was so enamoured by them that I decided to get the matching teapot as well. Amazon didn't pack it as well as all my other pieces, so it's great that it got here in one piece - well, two pieces, the pot and the lid. But it wasn't broken or chipped, thank goodness.

What's new? Me having tea with my Pip Studio teacup and...

I made Cornflake Krispie Treats with White Choc Drizzle! Just a craving hahah. The Fairprice at Valley Point doesn't carry Rice Krispies, pfft. But seriously, these things are so damn good. You'll probably get diabetes if you eat them more often than once in a few months, though. :/

... Want some? Come and share the diabetes love!

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