Tuesday, 15 April 2014

My review of Samsung S5 after like 3 days

I don't know about you, but I get really confused when I read the reviews on gadgets, like all the specifications and stuff, well, who gives a shit? Not me, for sure. So I've only listed the stuff that really matters to people like me who can't really care about the technical stuff about gadgets. *shallow*
Anyway! Here goes. I've been using it for like three days (technically 2.5 days) and it's all right so far, but I've found some flaws. Not deal breakers, of course, but it's still noteworthy.

Fingerprint recognition
So far, not as shitty as I expected. As one of the selling points of the S5, though, I'd have to say that I thought they'd have made it more accessible... But nope. When using it as a screen security thing, it can be such a bitch. I have to swipe my index finger straight down at the bottom of the screen to unlock via fingerprint, and that's really inconvenient when I'm lying in bed, when I'm walking and trying to use my phone, and basically any other time when I don't have my phone on a table in front of me.
But when I do have the phone on a table, the fingerprint lock is pretty accurate and works well, so I've got that going for me, which is nice.

Not bad at all! This photo is taken with the phone's camera app in kinda watery sunlight on Saturday. The very first photo taken with my phone!

This photo is taken, using the same guy for accuracy, later that evening under pretty dim lighting (around 7:45PM and streetlamps) with the phone camera app too. Not as sharp as the above, a little soft around the edges, but still a reasonable amount of bright, which I love! You know what else I love?
This guy. Hehehehehehehe

The photo size can be tuned from 2.4M all the way up to 16M, which is useful for when you need to save some space on your phone. I'll get into the storage later!

Size in relevance to handiness
I expected it to be huge, what with people saying that the size was closer to a Note than a Galaxy, but it's acceptable I suppose. My S3 was already slightly too big for me, and this is a tad bigger. Soooooo yeap! It's large, still, but not so big until it's unmanageable. Plus, it has this function called 'One-hand usage'. Convenience factor +1.

Battery life (so far)
DEFINITELY BETTER THAN MY SHITTY S3. Also, the famed Ultra Power Saving Mode really does work. It doesn't lose any battery while I sleep, maybe a negligible 2-4%. And the battery does last longer, I used to love my Blackberry (9700) to death coz I had to charge it once, like, every 3 days? And I'd laugh at people who had to charge their phones every like, 5 hours. Then when I got my S3 it was alright, but still not great. Now with my Samsung S5, I sure hope the battery will last longer. But so far, so good! Charged it just twice in three days with no blackouts in between!

Ease of use, icons, and all that jazz
I like my phone ultra minimalist so I can see my wallpaper, and that's pretty easy to do with this phone. In fact, with my previous S3 as well. I like that there isn't anything on the home screen. Or rather, that I could customize it to have not a single fucking thing on it. Samsung does love their redundant icons though, which you can see I've grouped under a very aptly named folder named 'Redundant'.
One gripe I have with Samsung is that it heats up so easily. S5 doesn't seem to be an exception. Though with the benefits of the water resistance I might just run it under water to cool it down wtf hahaha.

Space and storage
I've never agreed with how you have to pay for space, but I've never used that much either. The S5 is about 32GB if I'm not mistaken, and anything I can't fit on it, I can just toss it in the Dropbox. I've synced up all my pictures in there from the S3, so I can access them anytime I want to without having to take up space on my phone. I have like 50GB of storage there, which is pretty amazing and useful.

So all in all, do I like my new phone? I'd say heck yeah! One weird thing about the phone's USB port is that it comes with a 3.0 port, but only comes with a USB 2.0 cable. Why is that, Samsung? Huh? TELL ME!

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