Wednesday, 9 April 2014

I can haz Amazon + Modcloth!

So, this morning Dad called me and said that a huge box just arrived for me and I was like omgwtfbbq it must be my Amazon haul! So I rushed over after work to check it out, because I was meeting Jemaine and Dev for dinner and I wanted to give her the Pavilion You & Me tea for one set I bought for her. AND YES it all came and I was so excited to check it out.

It was my first time ordering from Amazon and I was so afraid my beautiful china would turn up in pieces, because I read some horror reviews stating that their pieces arrived with the handles detached, chipped in some places, etc etc.

But nope. Everything arrived packed neatly and tightly in their individual boxes, and all those packed into another gigantic box. Every available space was also packed with packing paper and the spaces in between the boxes were filled with air bags. LOVE!

First up was my Pink Petite Fleur Gracie China two-teacup set. It even came in its very own gift box with a matching pattern. Beautiful. USD25!

This pattern is called Cream Cottage Rose, also from Gracie China. Only USD20, seriously Gracie China, you guys... Damn.

4.5 cup Gracie China Blue Cottage Rose, USD27.11 (in case you're wondering why all these pieces don't match, I got a mismatched set on purpose because it's more shabby chic that way!) This teapot is honestly bigger than I expected, and it's much more hefty. Seriously, even empty, this teapot is like 1.6 pounds on its own!

EVERYTHING'S SO GORGEOUS I CAN'T EVEN. AM I YELLING I CAN'T HELP IT. Tea sets! An indulgence I can now afford because of Amazon. They're my guilty pleasure...

Moving on!

Okay, so I posted about discovering Modcloth, right? Yeah, I had some time to browse recently and I ended up buying completely different stuff. Just to get a feel for their sizes first.

I bought this top. It's so cute, right? And so 60s I can't even. The polka dots! The red trim! The scoop neck. The puffed sleeves! Yes, I love vintage as well as retro. I'm planning to get skirts to go with it too!

Meet at the Malt Shop Top, USD34.99

Also this dress. I know, polka dots again. It's totally retro as well and also a tea time dress. The length is a tad long, but I can always alter it or wear heels.

Hepcat Dress in Deep Blue, USD49.99

I got this flask for Nandu because how cute is it? And also, *cough* alcoholic *cough* Also she said she'll want to thin out her tea during Jem's bachelorette tea party if everything is pink because she's allergic to pink and it'll be torture for her, muahahaha.

In The Spirit of Surprise Flask, USD19.99

I also bought this adorable pair of shoes, because it looks a comfortable height and I need something to wear with the dress above. NO LAH HAHA but seriously, it's like a transition to pin-up style. I love pin-up/retro styles actually, but it's vastly different from the floral, frilly, lacey, girly, 50's-type dress I usually am in. The only similarities are that both are very feminine.

Dance Instead of Walking Heel in Cream, USD39.99

Abruptly ending here because it's my bedtime. Goodnight all!

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