Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Today I wore my spectacles to work! Actually, it wasn't so bad. I just didn't feel pretty the whole day. :-( And also they were bouncing around because they're really not very secure. After, like, a decade of wearing contact lenses (I started when I was just 13!), my eyes have really started to deteriorate. My myopia degrees went from 400+ to 600, and I experience such bad dry eyes that I can't even support lenses anymore. If you didn't know, soft contact lenses float in your eye on a cushion of tears! So, yeah, my cushion of tears has been depleted really badly. I'm going to soothe them eyes by not wearing my lenses for the rest of this week and then see how it goes. I really hope that this condition isn't permanent, or I could require that surgery that puts little plugs in your tear ducts. YES YOU HEARD RIGHT. Little silicone pieces plugging up your tear ducts! The point is to not let them drain so that your eyes don't need to produce as much tears.

Anyway, I was really hoping to get LASIK someday when I can afford it, but I read that people with dry eyes sometimes can't get LASIK. So... I really hope my eyes get better soon. Sorry for abusing you, eyes! :-( I promise to treat you better starting immediately!

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