Monday, 14 April 2014

I really hate Mondays.

What's there to love about them? Nothing, I swear. Yeah, I guess I'm just in a pissy mood today. Woke up like super late for work (like 9:00AM?!), felt really sick the entire day etc.

The only good thing about today is... My Pilot Parallel Pen set arrived! It comes in a 1.5mm tip, 2.4mm, 3.8, and 6.0. I got all 4! All the pens came with a cartridge each of red and black ink, an ink converter, as well as a nib cleaner.

Apparently, with Pilot Parallels, you can put two different colours of ink into two pens and 'kiss' their tips together, to form this awesome ombre effect!

As you can probably tell, I had lots of fun with my pen.

Hey look, it's Chuck Bass! Mainly because of #mancandymonday... but damn, that man is fine!

 Ending abruptly here because I want to continue trying out my pens. See ya!

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