Monday, 7 April 2014

I have discovered Modcloth... AND IT IS GLORIOUS

Am I a slowpoke? Better late than never I suppose, but...

I am really enamoured with Modcloth! All their vintage designs and florals and lacey dresses are absolutely gorgeous! Here's what I'm going to buy from them, not in any particular order:

Abundant Applause Dress, USD79.99

Sky Vine Dress, USD64.99
OMG I LOVE THIS. Exactly as a tea dress should be.

Pull Up a Cherry Dress, USD64.99

About the Artist Dress, USD52.99

Candy Apple Cute Dress, USD54.99

How cute are all their dresses, seriously? I still have a ton more floral ones that I want to buy, but slowly I suppose. Why does their shipping have to be so freaking affordable (compared to F21's!)?

I bought a LOT of stuff from Forever 21's online website because they have tons of stuff, not bad quality, their shipping is freaking fast (from L.A. to my doorstep in 5 days) and their things are usually relatively cheap (USD4.80 for my favourite padded layering bras, I love it, it's the most comfy thing ever.) Also their hats are super cute and can never be found in Singapore, everything is usually out of stock or I can't find a size for myself because I'm an average Singaporean woman size. (Which is S, or XS).

Yeah, okay, enough about F21. More about Modcloth! I am also gonna buy...

Book Signing Soiree Heel, USD67.99
Isn't the name funny? I love Modcloth's descriptions, they're really cute and they make me laugh. Another thing I love about their website is that because it is vintage-inspired, they break down fashion eras for you! Like 1920s, 1930s, etc. I think my favourite era for shoes is like 1930s, because lots of oxford-type, low and chunky heeled shoes. Super adorable. Can't take it... I have to buy everything!

I can't find a review on Singaporeans who have bought from Modcloth, so I hope the shipping and all turns out good and fast. Here's hoping I'll get to blog about my new purchases soon, when they arrive!

Ciao! I have school in a bit, :-( So tired!


  1. Hey Sarah,

    I highly recommend I bought from their website 3 times. Their shipping is reliable. The first item I bought from them was Nothing Like The Wheel Thing dress in Teal, in size S, just to try out to see if their sizing fits me and to see if their shipping was reliable. The dress fits really well, the shipping came on time, and I've since bought in bulk 2 more times from them. :)

    Their customer service is also good. I had enquiries one time at midnight and their live chat was still on. I was quite impressed at how prompt their response to my enquiries were. I contacted them another time in the afternoon SG time and they responded via their live chat too. So I assume their live chat is 24/7, with different ModCloth advisers rotating their shifts.

    Generally from my experience, their size S fits like the size S or M in SG. And because Asian girls are smaller in size, so their mid-length dresses (usually measuring 34-35 inches, and which would cut above the knees for a typical American female) is more knee length for Asian females. As for their longer lengths dresses, they no doubt will go quite long. Like the Teal dress I bought, it hit my lower calf (size S for that dress is 40cm and I'm 1.53m tall)

    Do note though, some of their dresses are from UK brands, and their UK size 8 is slightly loose.

    Also, reading the reviews by other buyers help in making the decision. Some buyers reveal the flaw in fabric quality and their cuts (e.g. the bust area of a dress may be strange), so I found that they were really useful.

    As for shoes, I haven't tried buying their shoes. But maybe the American size 6 is slightly bigger than SG's size 6 (I would imagine American feet is slightly bigger).

    One last thing that might help is their Style Advisors. They also have live chat for that if I remembered correctly. But you have to give them your exact measurements so that they can determine if a certain item in the size you suggested would fit you or not.

    Hope it helps. But ModCloth is really a good website to shop from.

    1. Hey Ally! Omg how are you doing? :D Thanks for the review, it really helps. Haha. Yeah I hit up their Modstylists and they are all super sweet and nice! Yes I love that their community love to post photos and reviews. Too cute. I'm so going to buy everything!