Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Hogwarts is here!!!

Yes! Ian shared it with me on Facebook and now I'm accepted, sorted into Slytherin, got a wand and everything. Oh, wait. Sorry, that's Pottermore. But anyway, I'm also in Slytherin here eheheheheh.

So I've started taking Charms, and it's pretty good. Of course, First Year stuff, but anyway. (Can I really be a First Year at 22?) I did an essay and a quiz for Introduction to Charms and it's so not stressful, I'd take Hogwarts over SIM any day! Yes, even the creatures that try to kill you and a caretaker that hates the guts of students! If you want to find me, my username is purebloodprincess7 HAHAHAHA. But in fact I'm just a filthy Muggle.

Oh, on a side note, in Pottermore I spent like seven galleons on a wand that's Blackthorn with Dragon Core, Twelve and Three Quarter Inches, Unyielding. Sounds about fit for a Slytherin.

Such a geeky entry. But I'm not sorry at all. *gleeful jig*

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