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Backdated 3 months: Bangkok 2013 Day #3 + Day #4

Day #3


"My tension's all in my shoulders. Yeah."

Got up and went to the hotel concierge to see if they could book us an appointment at this spa, Health Land Spa. They said the nearest one to us was at Asoke, and we could have an appointment at like 1ish. So we had breakfast first and then got a cab from our hotel to the Asoke district! Passed by the sois and bar district on our way there, :-( What's Thailand without its bars? Anyway.

Reached right on time and waited for our names to be called.

Then we went to a room, where we had to change to our massage wear! Spaced out after that, but the massage was pretty good! She didn't spend nearly enough time on my shoulders and back, though. AND TOO MUCH TIME ON MY THIGHS, where I am super freaking ticklish. I kept giggling and wiggling like a fish, and she said, "Juk ga jee?" which means ticklish, and I nodded, so she moved on. Hahaha. A full-body basic Thai massage was like 500THB for an hour? Two? God I really can't remember. Worst blogger ever, hahaha. What! If people massaged you into bliss you would've spaced out too!

Dev actually fell asleep and snored during his massage, hilarious.

We took a metered cab back to Platinum Fashion Mall (like 20m from our hotel or less) and got caught in a traffic jam for like an hour! The fare came up to about 100+THB and we felt so bad for our driver, hahaha. Poor guy. But anyway, by the time we got there it was almost evening, so I guess the massage was two hours. Oh, we went past this banner and I ran back to it to take a photo:

Let's keep hoping, Thailand! Anyway, we shopped at Platinum for a bit, and then headed to this roadside place to have authentic steamed fish, noodles, pork, seafood, veg, and a whole host of other dishes which I can't remember. Something like 9 dishes and we paid... about SGD40+ in total. Great food. We ate until we were so full, we could hardly walk.

But walk we did! Because in Bangkok everything moves so quickly! We went to this makeshift night market thingy outside this mall (SERIOUSLY, MY MEMORY) and bought floral purses and berms for the guys.

I bought a hat! And also, something about Bangkok's weather makes my hair freaking gorgeous. My face not so much, I was pale most of the time because of the cold. Hahaha. Only if it's warm, my face will turn red, like a tomato.

Yes, tons of shopping! I can't even remember what we bought, but I do know it was all fabulous! 

Only things I remember buying: personalized purses for my Nandini and Zoe. 100THB each with customization! We had to wait to get them done, though. Also a personalized painted clutch for Jemaine. It was super gorgeous... These Thais, so creative!

Then I took the cutest photo of my baby yet:

That's it for day 3! We wanted to hit the bars yet again, but diarrhoea struck with a vengeance! Damn poor thing this Dev and Jem, they think they ate something K & I were allergic to, like prawns?

Health Land Asoke
Address :
55/5 Sukhumvit 21 Rd. (Asoke),
Khlongtoeinuea, Wattana,
Bangkok 10110

Telephone : 66-2-261-1110

Day #4

It was time to go home :-( We all went for breakfast, this Dev was still super sick with food poisoning and he was really nauseous and all but really determined to finish the trip on a high note. What a trooper. However, after breakfast (like a scoop of porridge and I think that's all for him) he succumbed to another bout of sickness. Damn poor thing!

Anyway, baby and I went to Starbucks and then Platinum for shopping. When we came back, we saw loads of protesters and they were starting the rallies all over again! This guy was selling flags.

This guy was preaching the evils of PM Yingluck! Haha. He was speaking in Thai, though.

Back to SG!

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