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Backdated 3 months: Bangkok 2013 Day #2

Ok Day 2 of Bangkok here we go. The first post was so wordy I had to break it down! *busts out breakdancing move* ok, that was such a bad joke. I apologize.

Woke up early like 7 or 8ish and phoned Dev and Jem's room to wake them for breakfast, haha! Me and hubs were the early risers, seriously. I think it was mostly me, I was pretty excited so I couldn't sleep in.

Our first breakfast at the hotel! Gotta hand it to them, their selection was really not bad! There was an egg station, pancakes, bacon, cold cuts, breads, croissants, porridge!!! My favey. And tons of other cereals, juices, and TEA. LOTS OF TEA.

After breakfast, we went out onto the streets of Bangkok! Where we immediately ran into protesters wtf.

They were already starting to come in so we thought we'd take the BTS instead. Ratchathewi BTS Station was nearest to our hotel, so we were like, okay, what the fuck, we'll walk. Like right at the corner of our hotel, we get stopped by this Thai tuk-tuk driver, who's like, "Where you go? Walking there?" And he points at the Ratchathewi intersection, which is the general direction we were taking. And we were like, "Yeah, we going to take the BTS!" and he's like, "Hmm, no, dangerous now, got protesters. See?" And true enough, we turn around and loads of protesters are all pouring into the roads all blowing their whistles and waving their flags. It didn't seem violent or anything, though. Anyway we talked for awhile and the dude seemed pretty okay and non-thuggish. And he had an above-average grasp of English, which was great. So when he suggested taking us to Chatuchak in his tuk-tuk, along with his brother, who apparently also drove a tuk-tuk, we agreed on a small sum of money. Can't remember how much. Like 50THB? Anyway, he brought us to Armani and another leather goods shop, which we expected. Also, the boys bought some stuff from there. And off we headed to Chatuchak!

Because we bought more stuff than the tuk-tuk driver expected, he was so pleased (coz he got petrol vouchers out of the deal) that he said he was happy to bring us there for free, but we gave him some money anyway. Great guy.

And we spent the entire day in Chatuchak! The highlight of the day definitely had to be the animals section. They had loads of stuff, the expected ones like dogs and cats and even sugar gliders and hedgehogs, snakes (some of them looked venomous), all types of reptiles, and a gigantic wolflike dog crammed into a cage so tiny it couldn't even stand, poor thing! But seriously, it was the size of a baby elephant and it looked like a malamute. I hope they didn't pump him full of steroids or something. Anyway. TONS of animals and anomalies alike. The puppies and kittens were really tiny and cute! Also they dress them up in pet clothes and costumes, I really dunno whether to coo over the cuteness or feel sorry for it coz with that much fur, I would NOT want to be stuffed in a baby tee either.

Now I know why people try to smuggle them back as pets. You can get an adorable puppy of dubious origin for like 7000THB, which is about SGD280+? It's about ten times cheaper than in Singapore. But, of course, you don't know where this animal has been... Anyway. The boys shopped the aisles aplenty and got tons of stuff! Which K never does, he never ever shops for himself, so I was delighted for him. The only thing I bought was this little notebook for like 20THB. I still haven't used it. Jem also didn't manage to get much stuff...

The great thing was that because it was about 19C in spite of the blazing sun, we didn't even perspire much. See, I'm even wearing jeggings and brought a jacket! WTF. Apparently it can be really sweltering in the summer. We stopped for chocolate-and-nut covered bananas and mango sticky rice of course, and then when it was about early evening, and although we hardly grazed the surface of Chatuchak, we decided to head back via the BTS because it was impossible to get a taxi for our hotel. On the map, Chatuchak station is the northmost stop and we took the train a few stops to Ratchathewi. Took us awhile to get a ticket, but off we went! Something like 27THB/pax? And it's as fast as our MRTs. Anyway, the reason why no taxis wanted to head to our area was because of the protests. I am going to refrain from the use of the word 'riot' because it really wasn't! Everything was peaceful and polite, the Thai way, you know? No cars on fire, no overturned shit, and I'm pretty sure they weren't all drunk. Yeah, foreign workers in SG, I'm looking at you! Hmph.

Anyway, we managed to catch the protesters in action! Saw them taking back the road... And also swarming the Victory Monument! If they had been selling protest items like headbands and banners I totally would have bought, because... Political Souvenir! But they weren't at that point of time. So we alighted at our stop, Ratchathewi Station, and started off strong trekking back to our hotel... It was really near I swear, but we ended up getting a tuk tuk to drive us back through the back alleys for like 20THB. TOTALLY WORTH IT! I think we were all pretty bushed...

Headed back to our rooms to drop off all our shopping and then out for dinner!

To decide what to wear, I would usually stick my hand out of the window of the bedroom. If it's cold (which it usually was), jeggings it is! So there. Jem also gave up and wore pants. Damn cute la!

HAD TO TAKE THIS PHOTO. You see? Three Singaporeans loitering in the hallway because connected to wifi umbilical cord. -.- I was damn hungry and pissed at them. Sorry people! Hahaha. But anyway. Hilarious.

Erm, for dinner, we had Korean. HAHAH. Yes, I know the stereotype about going to a country and not trying their local food, I know! But it was nearby (Pantip Plaza, where all the electronic stuff is sold, and right next to our hotel) and cheap and we were HUNGRY DAMMIT.

And then the food came and I was too hungry to take photo lah. Terrible. I must've gained ten pounds on this trip, all the eating omg!

Wow. Much sweet. Such delicious.

Oh, yes, after dinner we went to hunt for the famous Thai Banana Prata feat. Condensed Milk & Chocolate Sauce (wtf sounds like a new hit song). Yeah I made it sound like it was really hard to find but actually we nearly literally ran into a lady selling it right outside Pantip Plaza. Hahahaha. YA IT WAS GOOD OMG. While I was taking the above photo, Dev and K were like, "Hurry up and take the picture. Are you done?" Because they wanted to gobble it up... And it was gone in like 10 seconds amidst slurping and smacking sounds.

Ok, our night abruptly ends here because someone had diarrhoea (forgot who) so we just chilled at the Starbucks at our hotel, breathing in the cold Bangkok haze and watching the world go by. I wanted to hit the bars, but welllllll nobody was especially motivated, hahaha.

Oh, one last thing. Apparently Dev and Jem said the protests went on well until 2:00AM++! K & I didn't hear a thing, we were like dead in our beds. But anyway. Yeah! Didn't notice that at all! The protests didn't seem to hurt Thai tourism at all, tourists were still arriving at the hotel well after the protests started and all the way during. Traffic must've been a bitch, though.

Okay, next is part III!

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