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Backdated 3 months: Bangkok 2013 Day #1

Thought that since I have this space now, I might as well dump all my pictures and thoughts into it... So I'm here to blog about our Bangkok trip last December with Deveyan and Jemaine! (21 to 24 Dec 2013)

We booked our flights and rooms on our own, and we flew with Scoot and stayed at the Grand Diamond Hotel right in the heart of Bangkok. I actually had a pretty great time! Just some background: I HATED Bangkok the last time I went there with my mom in like... 2007? We were there for 5 days and it was just a tad too long. And we went with a tour, so it was too touristy for me. But this time, I was with my husband and our friends and it was really fun!

Our flight was just a couple of hours, but it feels like forever when you're hungry, stuck in a seat, and bored. On the plane there, I got a window seat! Successkid.jpg hahaha.

First flight since 2008? Anyway. When we landed at Suvarnabhumi Airport, our captain said: "This is your captain speaking. Welcome to Bangkok. The temperature is a cool 20 degrees celsius and we should be taxiing for awhile. Thank you for flying with Singapore Airlines... Erm, Scoot." Then IMMEDIATELY we heard some buzz on the plane. Hahaha! Well, apparently they use the same pilots, so that makes a lot of sense. Wow. Much confuse. Such mix up.

Mandatory happy to be leaving the plane shot. (Ok actually I dunno at what point during the flight we took this, hahaha must have been when I was bored and was like BABY ENTERTAIN ME)

We there yet babes?

Collected our baggage and headed outside to find a taxi and breathe the Thai air! I packed all of mine and K's stuff into one gigantic luggage, and it almost couldn't fit into the taxi we got! The taxi concierge at the airport got us a taxi for 700THB to our hotel, Grand Diamond Hotel! It was... pretty expensive actually, for this flat rate. Anyway, got to our hotel and checked in. We had adjoining rooms! The rooms were pretty large actually, but looked a little creepy so I didn't really take photos. It had a little sitting room with TV, and a door opened onto a bedroom with closets, a window, a dressing table, etc, and that bedroom opened onto a toilet with bathtub, shower, and all the necessities. Not bad! If you remember, there was a major protest scheduled for the very next day, 22 Dec 2013. Our hotel was located right at the centre of the protest sites!

I have a map:

See the cluster of 7 protest sites in 2 rows? Our hotel was located just 100m from the protest site circled in pink. I think it was the Ratchathewi intersection? We were literally gonna be SURROUNDED by protests the next day. How, like that! So we planned to head up to Chathuchak Market (or JJ Market, as quite a few locals referred to it) the very next morning and stay there the whole day to avoid the protests.

Oh, I can't believe I forgot to mention this: the temperature was really chilly in Bangkok! Now, I know it tends to fluctuate a tad lower during Christmas time in BKK, like a few degrees cooler than in Singapore, but apparently we were lucky enough to encounter both a major protest in the city and A FREAK WEATHER CHANGE the only time we've been there! The temperature went from 20C to like... 16C? It felt a lot colder because of the wind chill though. I literally wore a jacket out the entire time we were on the streets! BANGKOK SRSLY. Who would've thunk it? I expected it to be slightly colder than usual so I brought jeggings and a jacket, and I wore them all the 4 days. I must say, I really loved the beautiful weather though! No rain, plenty of sun to keep us from being cold. Anyway, enough of the temperature!

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah. So after we checked out our rooms, we headed out to have dinner. I damn geh kiang and wore shorts. Ended up fucking freezing my ass off because I feel cold really easily. Hahaha. We made the rookie mistake of eating at the first eatery we came across. Fucking shitty chicken rice it was. Grrr. Anyway, after that I really can't remember what we did. Trawled the streets near our hotel and bought snacks at 7-11 and scurried back to our hotel to eat them! Dev and I had a cup noodle face off and his totally won! Mine was some damn spicy noodle (THAIS SRSLY) and his was also a freaking spicy minced pork cup noodle but damn yummy! Lesson learned, next time always go for the renowned Nissin brand cup noodle instead of the no brand kind. Cup noodles are my favourite thing to try in other countries though, hahaha!

Watched TV until we all got sleepy and went off to bed to energize ourselves for the next day!

Fucking wordy post. Shall keep the next one shorter!

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