Saturday, 26 April 2014

Timbre & Transcendence!

GK and I headed to Timbre at Gilman Barracks last night because we were craving their pizza and live band music. We used to go to Timbre @ Arts House almost every Friday because of the Goodfellas (I really miss those times!) when we were in poly but now, sadly, we haven't been there in years.

See, kids, this is what happens when you're old and settle down... NO LAH JK haha. Not to turn you people off marriage. It really doesn't matter where you are, you just want to spend time with each other.

I know, awwww, right?

I got dressed in my new Modcloth dress and he wore blue to match me. Teehee, we always wear matching colours when we go out nowadays. It's really cheesy convenient because we live together, so I'll pick out my outfit and he'll be like, "Hey, baby, what should I wear?" and I'm just like "I don't know about you but I'm wearing green." And he'll just match his outfit colours to mine.


We got the Timbre guy to help us take a photo but he was really shaky hahaha. So all the photos are blurry.

Don't you freaking love my dress? I know I do.

 Yeah, this photo was taken by me. No shakiness or blurriness here thank you very much. Oh, I cut his hair in the afternoon.

More selcas of us.

Haha he tried to copy my expression in the last one. Okay, after that we went to Vivo for a 10:00PM screening of Transcendence!

(Spoilers alert)

I must say, most of the movie was pretty much lost on me because we all know that giving an AI free rein can be... disastrous. I was picturing the robots take over the world, etc. And that's pretty much what happened because Johnny Depp could control all these 'hybrids' that he inseminated with his nano technology thingy. BUT apparently he was doing it for good! I mean, he was trying to make his wife's dream come true!

So why couldn't he say so in the first place?! Like, "Honey, this is your dream, not mine." Seriously. HE invented the AI, but it was her idea and executive decision to upload his consciousness, her dream to change the world, and her doings that made it all happen! Can't she see that? She can't say that it was his fault, or the AI's fault. I DON'T GET IT SERIOUSLY. And she had to get all freaked out when Johnny Depp spoke to her through Martin? Like, what did you expect?

Anyway, the female lead really looks like ScarJo, which was freaking ME out throughout the movie. Hahaha. But not as freaked out as I got that time we decided to get drunk and watch the King's Speech. (The movie was wonderful, but getting drunk and watching a movie sucks balls. You can't concentrate properly. I ended up falling asleep, which I'm still miffed at myself about.)

Anyway, how good was Johnny Depp seriously? I seriously doubted if he was doing good or being a mind-controlling fuck.

Overall, still a good movie, I suppose. But all this science-y stuff is so confusing. Hey, I'm a comms student. I'm not supposed to know stuff. About stuff. :-(

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