Wednesday, 30 April 2014

A week on Nortriptyline

So last week I went to the neurologist and after asking me a million questions about myself, he said that my frequent headaches were migraines and so he'd start me on a course of Nortriptyline (an anti-depressant) to see if it helped with the headaches... Apparently, it's a drowsy formula so doc said to take it once every night before bed. It's supposed to help with headaches over the long term, but not as a painkiller. Idk, I wasn't really paying attention when he was explaining how it works hahaha. Oops. But apparently there are lots of fun side effects, you can Google them if you wish.

So I have six months of medicine to complete, and when he was writing down the prescription, he looked sternly over his glasses at me and said that this medicine was to be taken every night without fail. Well, obviously this medication isn't for me! I routinely forget to go to the bathroom, I forget whether I've already taken my antibiotics and ended up double-dosing, and when I tried to write down when I'd already taken them, I'd be easily distracted by something else, forget to write it down, and probably double-dose again. FML. How can this kind of medicine be for me? Anyway, I told GK to remind me, and miraculously, I haven't missed a dose since! (I think...) Amazing. Okay, well, it's only been like a week, but I'm amazed at myself. And him.

So here are my thoughts on Nortriptyline after taking it for a week. I scribbled them down so I could compile them and see how it's been going so far.

Day 1: 22/04 
Doc said I would experience some grogginess in the mornings when I first start taking Nortriptyline. Yeah I overslept a tad this morning and I felt like my brain was full of glue until the select hour of 2:00PM. Fucking fantastic. I fucking hate this it should be illegal to be this tired. Last night when I was trying to sleep I don't know if it was the medicine that was making my heart feel like it was beating really fast, or whether my arteries are just really clogged and I'm about to die before I wake up. 
Day 2: 23/04 
He really wasn't kidding when he said there would be constipation, was he?
I've been chugging water like a pro and I ate a slice of watermelon just in case and now I feel like someone shoved a stick up...
Never mind. 
Day 3: 24/04 
So I've found that the key to unlocking my bowels (har dee har har) is a fruit with every meal I eat. Or drink milk in the morning, because apparently I'm lactose intolerant in the morning. Anyway not as tired this morning. I hope it's starting to wear off, yipee! 
Day 4: 25/04 
Did I just write that I wasn't tired yesterday?
You can strike that the fuck off. 
Day 5: 26/04 
Today's Saturday so I got a little more sleep. BUT WAIT. I HAVE CLASS. Erm, I've noticed something odd about my moods after I started taking this medication. I don't think I still have the ability to feel euphoria. And I think I have dengue fever after visiting Timbre and getting bitten by 100,000 mosquitoes. 
Day 6: 27/04 
Had that heart pounding feeling again. I don't know. It's not that strong though, I only feel it when I lie down? 
Day 7: 28/04 
TERRIBLE HEADACHE WTF. Isn't that exactly what this medicine is trying to prevent? Doc said I could take my painkillers and Nortriptyline won't affect it, so I'm taking Panadol.

Yup, that was my week on Nortriptyline. I know it sounds terrible, but I guess I didn't realize that the side effects were that apparent until I read what I had written down. Update again in 6 months if this damn thing works! It's supposed to reduce the frequency of my headaches, because now I get them twice a week, which is quite terrible actually.

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