Thursday, 3 April 2014

A post about assorted nonsense.

Not in any particular order of nonsensicality.

The Pregnancy Scare

Erm, yes, the title does deserve that number of capitalizations. K & I (mostly me) were pretty apprehensive the entire month because we thought I was pregnant! THANK GOD my period came today. Yesterday I was all teary and whiny and hormonal, so I had that hope that it would come the next day. It did! PHEW. How afraid we were this month tells me that...

We're definitely not ready to have kid(s) yet.

The other day my mother in law was trying to talk me into having more children because one will be very lonely etc etc. See how lah! Have one first then see whether we can afford, can or not? It's already difficult for me to pay my own way through local subsidized university, I can't imagine if I have like 4 children and they all want to go overseas and study.

If you, my future child, want to do that, please get your own scholarship and you can go wherever you want like your uncle Mr Shawn Laight thanks very much.

(On a side note, on April Fool's Day I sent a pic of a positive pregnancy test to the hubs and acted freaked out on Whatsapp. Haha, damn cruel I know, Lynette said so too. If I had turned out to be pregnant it wouldn't have been funny at all...)

Suddenly so sad that Gossip Girl has ended

NJBC - The Non-Judging Breakfast Club :D

Yes, yes, everyone is abuzz about HIMYM. I haven't watched the finale yet! Anyway, I am still fucking sad that GG has ended like a year ago. I still re-watch the episodes and I feel so attached to all the characters! Except for Vanessa, I still hate her. She's really self-righteous and preachy and I fucking hate that. But there's literally something I like about every single character.

For Serena, I like her because she is blonde and hippie in a way and she always tries her best. For Blair, I almost love everything about her. She's smart, independent, ambitious, and I love her fashion sense best. And also that she's so confident and witty and sometimes mean. Love her. Chuck... He's Chuck Bass. And he has such gentlemanly manners and gestures and he always wears suits and he's so debauched. Also his schemes are always so complicated and he plays mind games better than, well, anyone. Heh. As for Nate, he's so sincere and he's not afraid to take risks and he isn't all snobby and UES. Dan... Okay, I hate some things about Dan because he's also really self-righteous, but he's really witty and his snarky comments are always made really well. His character's very well written, I think. Jenny. I used to like her when she was all young and fresh in the first couple of seasons. I love Lily van der Woodsen because she's super beautiful and polished and has such refined social manners although she used to be a rebelling dolt as well. Haha! Alright, this list is getting too long.

What the hell is in my bag?

It seems to me that I always only carry the essentials but my bag always feels like I'm carrying my fucking kitchen sink around. IT'S SO HEAVY. I know girls' handbags are supposed to be, like, on the heavy side, but I don't carry tons of makeup, a mirror, a comb, and all that stuff. Just your basic makeup pouch. And some other stuff. The only bag that works for me now is, like, a backpack. And I look like a dork carrying it, but it's so cute, it's candy pink and white striped, and it's canvas. And all my outfits do not go with a backpack. My only other explanation is that I use a lot of stuff on a daily basis, like my Moleskine, baby powder, mints, pencil case... All this stuff doesn't weigh that much what, I don't understand. No wonder I'm so stunted., you dirty little fuckers

My blogs (multiple blogs, no pun intended) were on there for the longest time and I'd return every now and then to read my old entries (coz I'm narcissistic like that) and they're just gone! 3 - 4 years of my life. Multiply closed down and took my entries with them. I emailed them awhile back asking if they had cached copies of blogs but they never replied. Sigh... Suddenly, one day, they turned into this online merchant site and on 31 May 2013 they closed their website for good. Fuckers. I hope they drown in my thousands of entries. I blogged a LOT during that period, sometimes even several times a day. From the ages of 16+ to like 21? All my thoughts and fewlings. Erm, from ages 21 onwards I didn't blog much about real stuff, so I was a real glass case of emotion. HAHAHA.

Abrupt end to nonsensical post.

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