Sunday, 13 April 2014

My weekend in a nutshell

Saturday: Day out with le hubby + hello Samsung S5!

We were supposed to head to Animal Encounters over at Sentosa, but it rained. -.-||| thus, we decided to go and see if Starhub's queue was really long for the new Samsung S5. Turns out it's not that freaking popular so I got mine in like 20 minutes! It was even the day it came out. I asked the Starhub person why it didn't seem so popular and she gave me a diplomatic answer of probably people wanting to avoid the queue. Mmmhaha sure.

Anyway, my S5 is not that much bigger than my S3 aaaand has a lot of gimmicky features plus I needed a new phone, so yeah! I promise the other photos in this post aren't gonna shitty, because they're taken with my new S5! Fuckyeah.

First impressions: I wouldn't know about the S5's dimpled surface etc because I put a cover on it plus a screen protector like IMMEDIATELY after I bought it. The famed battery life seems good so far. It's only been a day, though, so stay tuned. Camera seems pretty great (see below). I can tune the exposure and everything, which I don't think I could do with my S3... Let's see, what else? Haptic feedback hasn't bailed on me yet, which was a main gripe of mine with S3. Screenwise, it seems clearer. I've been fiddling with the settings, and the Galaxy system is still as easy to use as ever.

I haven't tried out the Ultra Power Saving Mode... What I have tried, though, is the fingerprint sensor. Seems pretty accurate, but it still takes me a coupla tries to access my phone.

... Yeah, I hate locking my phone with passwords and stuff because it's just freaking tedious to have to key in stuff and I have nothing to hide anyway. And then people are like, hey, can I use your phone? And you're just like, sure! Let me just make a sacrifice to the gods of my touchscreen keyboard first, and then you can use it. But anyway, K asked me to try it out for a month at least (he religiously uses a password to lock his screen, which I know anyway, so there.) Erm, I'm already tired off having to swipe my index finger, and it's only Day 2 using this finger scanner thingy!

K: "It can't be that bad, I key in my four-digit password all the time!"

Oh, I dragged him to do pedicures with me, because between us both, we probably have enough dead skin on our feet to cushion a 20-storey fall.

...What? I said probably! Anyway, it's been more than a year since I had a pedicure.

Poor guy valiantly trying not to kick his pedicurist or spasm uncontrollably as she files the bottoms of his feet.

Turncoat by Elizaye

This fanfiction touched me so much that I wrote to the author, something I never, ever do. Because it was freaking fantastic! I was laughing, I was crying, and I love bad boy Draco! (Who doesn't, right?) This story was so well-written and well thought out that I often think it actually happened.

If you don't already know, I am a Potter nerd who devours everything in the Potter-verse, including Pottermore, all seven books, all eight movies, the exhibition, and I fill in the gaps in between with fanfiction. The awful thing is, because I read so much of it, I am now often confused what's real and false - just the little details, not major stuff... thankfully.

Anyway, my favourite type of fanfic to read is Dramione because I totally ship them! ♡ Mostly because I can so imagine Tom and Emma in those roles. And also I love both their characters and the pairing of the pureblood prince and the muggleborn. Teehee! READ IT!

Sunday: First use of my Pip Studio tea set + new spectacles!

Today is Sunday so I'm over at Dad's, having tea and doing work. And I thought I'd bring out my Pip Studio set! This set is from Tangs Vivocity, not sure if they still have it. But it was mighty expensive! Well, I think it's worth it. I also have another 3 teacups (pink as well) and a sugar/creamer set (not pictured). It's so contemporary with the bright colours and the modern florals!

Large teapot: SGD79.90
Set of 4 cappuccino cups and saucers: SGD126.90
Sugar/Creamer set: SGD29.90/ea

Grand total: $266.60. Fucking expensive can? I can get so much more from Amazon even with shipping. Man, it really does not pay to buy teaware in Singapore...

On the other hand, I may use this as an everyday set when I move into my own house, because it seems really sturdy, the teacups are large, and it's porcelain, which makes it more resistant to washing, I guess? Well, I hope. Haha. I don't want to lose the gorgeous vibrancy of the colours to Mama Lemon!

Two versions of this photo. VSCOcam:

And CandyCam! I like this better but VSCO has better quality output, I suppose.

Me: "Dad, if you hate floral prints you'd better tell me now, because when you come visit me in the future, you're going to be sitting on floral-printed chairs, drinking your tea off floral-printed cups, and eating off floral-printed plates."
Dad: "Nah, I like florals well enough. Remember that chair we had in the old house, the wooden one upholstered in orange floral print?"
Me: "Yeah, that chair was horrible."
Dad: "I chose that chair."

Oh yeah, my new spectacles! Forced my brother to take a selfie with me because we have matching tortoiseshell specs now. Hahaha, his are so hipster, though. I always tease him about that.

A very tired me, because I always wake up at some godforsaken time on Sundays and can't get back to sleep, so I lug my shit over to Dad's and get an early start on my assignments.

I've been procrastinating my assignment to blog and now I have no more excuses. Off to study!

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