Sunday, 20 April 2014


Okay so what's the deal with this 100 Happy Days thingy? I keep seeing people do it on various social media, so I went to check it out on and apparently it's totally legit. It's like a challenge to post a photo every day for a hundred days of something that makes you happy. And so, after completing 100 days of this, you'll magically start noticing what makes you happy every day. And that will make you happier overall!

Sooooo I could really do with more happiness wtf, coz right now I honestly believe that my life is fucking shitty. And it can't be that bad, can it? I don't know, maybe it can. Ok anyway, I need a boost of happiness blahdy blah blah. We'll try it out, eh? I chose to complete this challenge on Tumblr because I don't like searching through my timeline should I need to read through all my posts. And also because I'm shy like that hahaha. And I'm starting today! So you can check out my posts at starting tomorrow. The link is also at my sidebar, under favourites.

In other news, I have an appointment with my neurologist later wtf T.T

EDIT @ 8:27PM:

Actually, I already posted Day #01 hahaha. Before I forget! Because I always forget things that I have to do every day. I went to the neuro and he gave me this medicine to take for like 6 months, daily, without fail. HOW AM I GOING TO DO THIS? Kk, I know. Everyone reading this, every time you see me, just ask really threateningly, "Have you taken your medicine?" and I will remember if I haven't already!

For now, it's the unfortunate job of GK to make sure I remember. This is prolly worse than going on the Pill wtf. Okay, maybe not. I just hope this medicine I'm taking doesn't have any weird side effects, like increased hair on my upper lip or make my pee smell funny or something...

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