Monday, 31 March 2014

Not-So-Lazy Sunday

This is what my Sunday consisted of.

My Australian tea set from Paige. It's absolutely gorgeous, isn't it? She knows exactly what I like in patterns!

I got new inks and my very first dip pen holder and nibs from Art Friend! I wasn't really sure which nibs to buy, but apparently I got one for drawing and mapping mistakenly. Great. And also another two flex ones (the one pictured on the right) because I want to try Copperplate and Spencerian writing. It's really difficult to control the pen though!

Yeahhh I'll update on my progress another day when I have better writing. Also, my French Shabby Chic Floral Apron arrived from eBay! I really need an apron because I always wipe my hands on my clothes when cooking (I wash my hands a lot when I'm cooking) because my MIL believes dresses can be used as dish towels too. This apron was maybe SGD20+ and it's the cutest thing ever!

Unfortunately, I don't know if I'm too small to shop for shabby chic/pin up clothing and accessories because I only see the smallest sizes as UK8 (I'm a 6). This apron is a UK8 but still fits nicely. I told my MIL she could use it too, but she's probably a UK14 or UK16, so I doubt if she can fit in it though.

Spent the rest of Sunday writing my 1000-word essay arguing the death penalty. 1000 words seems kind of little for such a huge topic.

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