Saturday, 1 October 2016

Birthday notes + the worst hair ever

More details from my birthday!

The babe booked a staycation at MBS for my birthday, which was amazing. I mean the room was next level amazing. They also gave us a room upgrade, just because it was my birthday. Also, that night, we caught 128 Pokemon in the bay area alone!

Check out the crazy view right beside the bed!

Sweetest husband also actually got me flowers delivered to the room! He hates to get me flowers and doesn't see their point - in fact, he only ever got me flowers exactly three times in our seven years together, so this was a huge deal!

Breakfast the next morning at level freaking 55, overlooking the Gardens. Preetttyy sweet view.

That weekend, we headed to celebrate Jemaine's birthday - or at least I thought it was only her birthday celebration. Haha.

I got there really early, so I made her open her birthday gifts first LOL. I got her a set of professional watercolour paints from ShinHan and, of course, a tea trio as is tradition!


Hahahahahhahaha Chloe following in mum's footsteps?

Snapchats from the SAB celebratory dinner with Prof. There were like only 9 of us and he made us drink a ton. It was a Monday night! Come on...

Yup, that's a single malt. A really good single malt. I hate my life.

This Monday, I was down with the worst fever and flu that I've had in a long time. :( It was horrible and I'm making baby wear a mask the next time he's sick. Oh yeah, he spread it to me.

Yesterday I just got the worst bang trim I've ever gotten in my entire life wtf. First time I've actually hated my hair since I started doing my hair at Hairplus. So this asshole girl touched my hair and she only speaks Korean and who the HELL THOUGHT I WANTED A CENTRE PARTING?! God. So angry.

Friday, 23 September 2016

What's been going on?

Upon checking my last entry, it’s been… about 18 months since my last post.

Shocking, right? I’ve kept a blog since I was in my teens, but the URL changed so much and I swore I’d give up blogging completely since I posted most of my creative stuff in Multiply, the website which shut down and took all my stuff with it.

Why have I been away for so long? My job, of course, which has been achingly disruptive; yet rewarding; yet disappointing over a course of just 18 months, a veritable roller-coaster of emotions. Instead of verbal diarrhoea, I’m just going to skip ahead to highlights of the past year and a half.

April, 2015: Baby took a day off work and we went to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. It was amazing yet horrifying and also incredibly insightful. We went there to see the crocodile which is rumoured to lurk around those wetlands. But we didn't see him.

What we saw instead... will stay with me forever. HUNDREDS of spiders the size of my open palm, sitting in webs above my head... Oh god. It made my arachnophobia worse, I feel.

Whenever I see spiders in their webs, I feel a calm panic. LIke, they wouldn't have any reason to leap onto me, would they?

Wrong. Wrong. Fucking wrong. Around the halfway mark, there was a little air-conditioned exhibit centre in which you can read about all the different flora and fauna populating the reserve. And I happened to read that Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve is home to the Mangrove Jumping Spider. A motherfucker which doesn't spin a web and leaps at its prey.



26 May, 2015: My first day at NRF. It’s hard to sit and reflect upon it now, because I feel like I’ve been thwapped in the head every time I try. Where did all that time go? It seems to have just melded into a blur of interchanging bosses, projects, events, and email. Always with the email.

But yeah, I've learned so, so much about comms and comms in the government sector, and science comms, which is really so different from the public's perspective.

Appeared on MyPaper. Lol.

Learned how to translate sciencese.

Learned how to set up boardrooms for meetings.

Found out the importance of 3D printing.

Got sent books from MINDEF, which apparently they sent to all agencies?

Learned how to be a ministerial escort.

Re-connected with my ex-lecturer from RP who was in MCI at the time.

Staffed bosses for media interviews...

And royal visits...

And launches...

And press conferences...

And more media interviews.

June 2015: Dev and Jem had their temple wedding and gatecrash, and the sexy six participated, yay! Early that year, the couple had also gotten their house, and we were super happy for them. Also their house is now currently the hang-out location of choice.

Their beautiful house!

Jem's henna before the wedding is LOVE

Baby and I at the temple wedding.

July 2015: John Bae, Jem and I had the opportunity to exhibit our art and calligraphy in a cafĂ© named the Garden Slug. But because of work, I had to rush my pieces. It wasn’t a good time at all, but we made the most of it.

Our pieces in the layout.

John Bae and I!

That same month, as part of work, I went to the Tropical Marine Science Institute on St John’s Island. It was so fun, I took lots of amazing photographs. July was also the month I met a very good friend who has since gone back home to Europe.

August 2015: Shawn and Clarissa got married in a beautiful church ceremony! Jem and I designed their wedding invitations.

This was their church wedding invitation!


Jem and I with our bridesmaids bouquets.

The unglam side of weddings - O$P$ time!

We also threw Clarissa a tea at St Regis, where she also learned to use Uber for the first time. LOL. It was also the month I turned 24, with a simple dinner and time at home with my lovely husband. For my birthday, I also received flowers from Jem, who sent it to my office, and a little plushie horse, which lives on my desk. I plan to bring it with me to my new office. Later in the month, Shawn and Clarissa flew to Birmingham to further their studies. As of August 2016, they have just returned <3

September 2015: My first flagship event with NRF. It was at Marina Bay Sands ugh god I am so sick of that place by now. The event was really exciting though, I ushered Min Vivian, and he gave us lots of headaches because he changed his speech and we had to transcribe it. September/October were also the months when I started to drink again. I know what you’re thinking, I don’t drink! Right? Well, trust me… There is always an occasion. I was hungover most weekends for about 3 months.

National Day, 2015.

Aaaand a really drunk selfie I sent to Clarissa a few weeks after that.

December 2015: Baby and I went to Hong Kong with Milton and Sean! It was my first time there, I think everyone had already been. It was my favourite holiday in a very long, long, long, long time. WOW. It was amazing. I loved everything about Hong Kong in December. The weather, the old Cantonese movies that would be played on TV at night (Wong Kar Wai FTW). The old-world charm of it, the breakfasts… THE BREAKFASTS. The shopping was so-so because we didn’t really hit up the shopping places, but mostly ate. A LOT.

The babes and I at Mido Cafe. FAVOURITE. SERIOUSLY. So going back for the French Toast, HK milk tea, and not to forget the ham macaroni soup...

Us at the Forever 21 store. It was huge. AND I BOUGHT BOOTS!


And we ate Dim Sum.

The city has so much character.

January 2016: 5 days of catered food. You think that sounds bad? Yeah. I was so grossed out by the food that I had lost 3kg by the time it was over. Also, we were at SUTD – probably kind of the end of the world. But we got to meet a lot of cool scientists and Nobel laureates. Baby and I also celebrated our third wedding anniversary by skipping Chinese New Year entirely and spending time together, and also going to dinner at PrivĂ© (Chijmes). It was the greatest.

A very happy me after a very delicious watermelon Sangria.

February 2016: I cut my hair the shortest it has ever been. Promised myself that I would never do a thing like that anymore. Pined a lot for months.

May 2016: Started my @sarah.scribbler calligraphy Instagram account, with the help of John, the Scribblers Cartel was born! I also took up watercolour with Ruth’s help.

June 2016: Hottest month of the year. We spent a week in Bali, our first time there and our first time booking an AirBnB! It was the BOMB. The place was beautiful and clean. The beaches were crowded and touristy, but still very beautiful. I came back with nary a tanline. It was great.

Our beautiful little private pool in the villa.

Baby and I relaxing on the chaises in our villa on the first day. <3

August 2016: We adopted a lionhead mix, Peter, from a local bunny rescue shelter. It was amazing how much the two bonded from their first meeting. They were together in 2 weeks.

Yeah, it took two weeks of cross-petting, couple treat time and TWO pens, TWO litter boxes and lots of humping, but no aggression; no fur-pulling, and no fighting. Yay. Now they are bonded for life!

The two of them, bonded and thick as thieves.

Four-year-old Peter (original name Kinder)'s story is pretty sad. His family kept him in a corridor and fed him rubbish until his liver started to fail a bit. Bunny Wonderland rescued him and took him in. He got into a fight with another rabbit who tore up his upper lip, and he has a bit of a cleft where it was sewn back. I think I kind of fell in love with his red eyes and soulful face the moment I saw him hehehe. The shelter described him as mild-mannered and gentle. The latter is quite true, but the former couldn't be further from the truth! He humped Smokey the first time they met, and he's spent his time here nudging me away from spots where he wants to go, and coming right up to me and putting his face in the crook of my elbow to sniff. He is so sweet, and calm, and assertive. What a personality! I cannot believe that nobody wanted him, and yet glad, because we got him. Lucky us!

Peter also makes the perfect partner for Smokey, who has been alone since we bought her like 2 years ago, and who has been slightly depressed for quite a while. I really saw a change in her once she has a mate. She seems more calm, relaxed, and she sheds less (!) and eats more hay, which is wonderful for her gut. 

Aaaand I guess that's it! We should be all caught up!